Reviews and comments from our readers...

"I thoroughly enjoyed Tim LaBadie's book To Live Without Warning. If you enjoy a good story with unexpected twists and turns, this is your book! It was a fun, fast read that had delightful surprises. As a onetime drummer, I can appreciate the musical aspect of the story. The characters were very interesting and fun. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys science fiction or just a good story with surprises in it" - Kathy M.

"I found the story to be much more compelling then expected - a most pleasurable experience."
- Terry M.

"I would recommend this book (and have) to all my friends and family who enjoy reading! Thanks for this opportunity, and the wonderful read! And by the way, the message I got from this book for myself was, I should not take for granted the life I have now, and not waste it worrying, for things could be worse (a lot worse!) and my beloved city, San Francisco, my personal escape from life's little doldrums, will ALWAYS look different to me!" - Sally S.
Midwest Book Review